Lessor Serviced Smoke Alarms

There are significant obligations on property owners with regards to the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms at domestic dwellings,

As a lessor you are required to test and clean smoke alarms and replace any flat or nearly flat batteries within 30 days before the start or renewal of a tenancy. A Corded Window Coverings check should also be completed at this time. We strongly recommend engaging a suitably qualified contractor to ensure compliance. Contact us for further information.

No Thanks, I’ll Arrange My Own Servicing

If, as a lessor, you are taking responsibility for arranging servicing we require a completed Smoke Alarm Service Report for our records.

  Smoke Alarm Service Report Lessor Serviced


Important Links

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services

Building Fire Safety Legislation 2008

Fire and Emergency Services (Domestic Smoke Alarms) Amendment Bill 2016


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