Tenant Rent Payment Options

For convenience, we offer a wide range of payment methods for tenants including:

  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • YesPay SMS/Email “Rent Reminders”

Please note there is no costs or fees payable by owners for these services.

Late Rent Payments

If a tenant believes they may be late with a rent payment, they must notify us at least 3 working days beforehand so we can inform the landlord to prepare and make other arrangements.

If a rent payment is overdue our communication policy is:

Day 2 – Reminder SMS to tenant

Day 3 – Reminder SMS to tenant + email to owner

Day 4 – Reminder call + email to tenant + call to owner

Day 5 – Reminder SMS + email

Day 7 – Reminder call, SMS + email + call to owner

Day 8 – Notice To Remedy Breach (Form 11) issued + call to owner

Day 10 – Phone call to tenant + owner

Day 12 – Phone call to tenant + owner

Day 14 – Phone call to tenant + owner

Day 16 – Notice To Leave (Form 12) issued + call to owner


From time to time we do have owners asking us to delay sending official notices to tenants. It is our policy to send all notices on the due dates for two important reasons.

  1. QCAT have precedence in supporting the tenant in a dispute if previous leniency has been shown by owners.
  2. The process may need to be restarted if notices are not sent in the appropriate time frames.

Please keep in mind notices can be withdrawn if rent payment is made.