Applying For A Property

Renting the right property can be a daunting task. Filling out pages of paperwork and waiting days or weeks to hear back from an agent is very frustrating and time consuming. At Jeff Jones Real Estate we know there is a better way!
We’ve introduced our FastApp approval process to help you secure your new home faster.

Get Your Application FastApp Ready

To help you secure a new home sooner it’s really important that you submit all the right information when applying. We aim to have a FastApp Ready applications approved within 4 business hours.

Here is what you need to supply:

1. Suitable ID

We require 100 points of Identification. Your 100 points must include one piece of photo identification and can be in the form of the following:

Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate 70 points per item
Drivers Licence with Photo, Student Card with Photo, Public Service ID, 18+ Card 40 points per item
Debit Cards, Phone Accounts, Electricity/Gas Accounts, Bank Statements, Council Rates Notices, Rent Receipts, Car Registration, ATO Assessment Notice, Medicare Card, Electoral Roll 25 points per item
2. Proof Of Income

We require evidence of your income.

Employee One or more of the following supporting documents:

Your two most recent payslips or a letter from your employer

Bank statement

Letter of employment or employment offer if commencing a new position

Self employed A letter from your accountant and/or a Notice of Assessment
Student or not currently employed One or more of the following supporting documents:

Centrelink documents

Bank statement

3. Previous Address History

We require previous address history for the last 12 months. If previously renting you should request a tenancy reference and copy of your tenancy ledger from your previous landlord and include with your application.

Renting We require a current Rental Reference and Tenancy Ledger. Please provide a copy of the following document to your Landlord or Managing Agent to complete.

Tenancy Reference Request.pdf

Own A recent rates notice

How To Apply

Most people apply online using 1Form through our website. Simply click on the Apply button on the property page for your preferred home. You can also download an application form to complete and send to us or drop into our office or give to us at the property inspection. Remember to attach all the required documents. Online Tenancy Application

Tenancy Application Form.pdf


If you are moving into the property within 10 days you will need to pay 6 x the weekly rent (first 2 weeks rent + bond).

If your lease starts in 11+ days you just need to pay your first 2 weeks rent and pay your bond prior to your lease start date.

You can make an online payment with your credit card at

Information About Your Application

We aim to make the application process as straight forward and stress free as possible. To facilitate a quick application turnaround please note the following information:

  • Complete one Tenancy Application Form per person. Children may be included on a Parent or Guardian’s Application
  • Include copies of documents which may help to verify your Application Information provided by you
  • Ensure the General Tenancy Agreement, Terms and any Special Terms have been viewed by you before you pay any money or sign a lease agreement
  • Bond Transfers are not accepted by our agency
  • Incomplete Applications cannot be processed
  • Please refer to our Privacy Policy should you have any concerns about the use and storage of your personal information
  • If you require assistance to complete the form, please ask, as we are here to help

Information Verification By Our Agency

To verify your Application information we contact Tenancy Databases including TICA and NTD. If you have had a problem with a previous Tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with us prior to submitting your application form. We also contact your Employer/HR Manager, current and previous Agent/Lessor and your personal referees. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.