Change Of Tenants Named On Tenancy Agreements

At Jeff Jones Real Estate we understand that sometimes even the best plans have to get broken. If you find yourself having to move during your Tenancy Agreement Term, we are here to assist you in making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

  • A Tenancy Agreement is a legal and binding document on both tenants and owners
  • Changes to a Tenancy Agreement can only be made if a written request made by the tenants is approved
  • Tenants named on the Tenancy Agreement, whether they are still living at the property or not, are responsible for all Tenant related responsibilities from the date of the inaugural tenancy including rent, property damage, water costs, etc until the correct documentation has been completed and lodged
  • When the Change Of Tenant request is finalised it is understood that all current tenant/s agree to fulfil the obligations under the Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenants are in breach of the Tenancy Agreement if another person moves into the property before a request has been lodged or approved
  • Any change in bond contribution is to be coordinated privately between tenants
  • Tenants are required to compensate the Lessor for any expenses relating to a change of tenants named on the tenancy agreement. The charge is $149 inc GST, payable upfront and refundable in the event your change is not approved. A $50 discount will be applied if the change does not include the addition of any new tenants. You can make an online payment at
  • Requests to change Tenants named on Tenancy Agreements will only be processed once all documentation is completed in full and payment has been received

If you are wanting to change your tenancy the following documents must be completed:

All out-going tenants must complete the following:
RTA Form 13 – Notice Of Intention To Leave

All in-going tenants must complete the following:
Tenancy Application Form

ALL out-going & in-going tenants must complete the following:
RTA Form 6 – Change Of Bond Contributors

Change Of Tenants Named On A Tenancy Agreement

Should permission be granted for tenants to change/transfer during a Tenancy Agreement, then the outgoing tenant must liaise and arrange with the incoming tenant to be paid their share of the bond lodged. Please ensure that you then liaise with us for any transfer of names required on the original bond lodged with the bond authority.