Maintenance Trouble Shooting Tips

Hot Water Systems

If the water is not hot check the following:

Low Shower Pressure

Over time, mineral deposits can build up in your shower head. This can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with poor water pressure or low flow. Here are three tips to help get your shower head back to peak performance.

Bath/Shower Leaks

Most bathroom leaks first show up from there being water or leaking into the wardrobes or any area backing onto the wet area – a regular check of these areas is advisable. If the carpet is wet, sponge and dry area thoroughly and check again after use of the wet area. Please advise your Property Manager if water appears and you think there may be a water leak.

Water Leaks

Urban Utilities have an online guide to help occupants test for leaks.

Leaking From Toilet

This is usually a minor problem. Regular mopping and turning off the tap behind the toilet between is adequate until the trades-person can attend.

Clothes Dryer

  • Clean the filter before every use
  • Check the power is on
  • Check the dryer is not overloaded

Faulty Switches Or Fans

Do not attempt to fix faulty switches or fans yourself. Do not use the switches if they are faulty. Check that the appliance in use is not faulty if you are having problems with a particular power point.


Replace the bulb or tube if it is safe to do so.

Guide: Replace a fluorescent tube and starter

Guide: Replace a circular fluorescent tube

Check the fuse box for a tripped switch or blown fuse.


Check the fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. Check any appliances in use as they may have overloaded the system or failed and caused the switch to flick off. Check with your neighbours to see if they are having any power issues. If a Tenants electrical appliance if found to be the cause of a power outage when an electrician attends, then this will be a tenants expense.

Hot Plates

Check if the power if connected and check the fuse box for any tripped switches or blown fuses.

Garbage Disposal

Unblock and push the reset button on the system. Do not attempt to disassemble the system.

Pool Problems

  • Water level is a priority and must be kept at a level to allow water to flow through the skimmer boxes at all times.
  • No metal objects should be in the pool as it could cause corrosion marks.
  • No animals should be in the pool as this creates a chemical imbalance.
  • Ensure regular testing of pool water to keep the correct ph. level.
  • Vacuum at least once a week to keep the pool clear of debris.
  • Regular checks of the pump to ensure the motor is working correctly and efficiently. Leaking or pooling water at the pump could mean a cracked casing and will need attention.
  • Even if the pool is maintained for you in your lease agreement, it is still your responsibility to monitor and report any potential problems.