Planning To Vacate

This information has been provided to help prepare and plan your vacate in the most stress-free way possible. It will also provide you with useful information on steps you can take to ensure that you receive a full bond refund.

The timeframes provided in this document are as per the requirements of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

☐ Notice In Writing

When you intend to vacate the property, in all instances we require your notice in writing. You must complete an RTA Form 13 and return it to your Property Manager at least 14 days prior to vacating. Please note that this amount of notice needs to commence from when we have received your notice, not from when it was posted.

☐ Rent & Other Payments

The following items will be calculated when determining any amounts owing at the end of the tenancy

  • Rent is to be paid up to and including the day you vacate and handover all keys to the Property or the last day of your Tenancy Agreement (whichever occurs last).
  • Water usage
  • If breaking the lease, compensation may be payable to the owner for costs e.g. the loss of rent until the property is relet, reletting and advertising costs

☐ Cancelling Rent Payments

If you have been paying your rent through an automated system it is your responsibility to cancel the service at the appropriate time. The following are contacts for our preferred suppliers:

ReConnect  Phone 1300 302 060   ReConnect Cancellation Form.pdf
Rental Rewards

☐ Reletting Appointments

If the Lessor has instructed our agency to relet the property we ask for your assistance and co-operation by allowing our leasing team to enter to show prospective tenants the property. We will send you an entry notice via email before each appointment and we will be present for any appointment times arranged.

☐ Utilities

When organising the disconnection of your electricity and other services, please be mindful of when any cleaning of the property is being undertaken. Typically tenants will vacate the property a day or two before the official vacate date so that the property can be cleaned. If you do this, please make sure that you do not disconnect the utilities until the cleaning is complete. If there is a pool at the premises the electricity service will need to continue until the end of the official vacate Date.

Our JeffJones Connect Service can assist with disconnection and connection of all utilities.

☐ Water Meter Reading

If your tenancy includes water charging you will be issued a pro-rata invoice up to your vacate date. To assist with finalising your vacate promptly please include a water meter final reading on your Exit Condition Report and provide us with a photograph. You can find more information at 

☐ Exit Cleaning & Maintenance

Our Cleaning Checklist may assist to maximise your Bond refund.

We strongly suggest you consider using a recommended supplier as listed. Recommended suppliers are approved and guaranteed to meet our service standard which means that if the item does not meet our inspection standard, they will be required to remedy any issues – not you.  This guarantee does not cover damage to the property.

Recommended Supplier: Total Reliable Services  0451 146 831

☐ Carpets – Carpets are to be cleaned to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3733.

Recommended Supplier: SafeClean   07 3823 2333 

☐ Pest Control – If you have had pets kept at the property a professional flea treatment is recommended.

Recommended Supplier: Puresafe Pest Control   07 3206 6366

☐ Gardens & Lawns

Recommended Supplier: Property Care One   0403 0201 00

☐ Repairs – Please ensure any damage that might have been caused to the property is repaired prior to your vacate

Recommended Supplier: Professional Property Maintenance Brisbane   0401 925 046

☐ Pool  – if required in the Tenancy Agreement a pool test report must be supplied

Recommended Supplier: Pool Werx Mt Gravatt   3349 3100

☐ Returning Keys

We would appreciate keys being returned to our office no later than 5pm on the last day of your tenancy. N.B. Our office may not hold a set of keys for your property as such, keys cannot be left in the property.

☐ Final Inspection

Your Property Manager will let you know when they are going to conduct the vacate Inspection so that you can elect to be present. The final inspection must be undertaken within 3 business days of your vacate date.

If you are attending the inspection it is a good idea to take a small cleaning kit with you (cloths, detergent) to fix up any minor spots that may have been missed. This will prevent you having to return to the property unnecessarily.

If there are items that require your attention, you will be provided 24 hours to do this. Alternatively, you may wish for us to organise Contractors to take care of these items on your behalf.

☐ Bond Refund

Please ensure you have completed a Vacating Tenant Contact Form to provide us with forwarding addresses and bank accounts to process the bond refund.

In order to obtain a full bond refund, the property should be handed back in the same state as it was when you moved in excluding ‘fair wear and tear’.  Whilst fair wear and tear is not defined in the Act, an accepted definition is “Wear that happens during normal use or changes that occur with ageing”. Your Bond refund is determined by comparing the Entry Condition Report that you signed and agreed to at the commencement of your tenancy with the Exit Condition Report undertaken after you vacate. Use the Entry Condition Report as a guide when preparing the property for the final inspection.

Check any special conditions on your Tenancy Agreement that you are obligated to meet at the end of your Tenancy.

A receipt from recommended suppliers for cleaning services will help to ensure that you do not have to undertake any further remedies.

Once agreement is reached about the Bond refund amount, our Agency will submit the Bond Refund Form to the RTA and they will pay the agreed amount by direct deposit into your nominated bank account (usually within 2 business day of processing the Refund Form).

N.B. for tenants breaking their lease, the bond cannot be finalised until a new lease is signed.