Pools & Spas

Pool And Spa Fences And Gates

The landlord is responsible for ensuring the pool fence is compliant with current pool fencing requirements. The tenant is responsible for ensuring the gate is not kept open and is properly secured at all times and that there are no objects that would allow children to access the pool.

We must be notified immediately if fences and gates are not functioning correctly, and if the gate fails to self-close promptly when opened. State pool/spa regulations must be kept at all times.

Pool And Spa Cleaning

Pool/spa cleaning and maintenance, unless it is agreed that the landlord will be supplying a regular cleaning and maintenance service as per your tenancy agreement, this will be a tenant responsibility.

Please note that if regular cleaning does not occur by the tenant, high costs can be incurred to bring it back to its original clean state. If this occurs, this will be at tenant cost. It is also a tenants responsibility to ensure that the pool/spa is kept topped up with water, and must not empty the pool/spa without written approval from us.

Supply Of Pool Chemicals

Supplying of pool treatment chemicals will be a tenant responsibility, at tenant cost.

Pool And Spa Covers, Accessories, Equipment And Pool Furniture

It is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain and keep in good condition any accessories, cleaning and maintenance equipment. This also includes any outdoor/pool furniture supplied. Pool cleaning/equipment must be kept out of the sun and stored responsibly. Supplied pool/spa covers must be neatly rolled or folded up and stored away out of the weather when not in use to preserve its lifespan and usefulness.

Portable Pools

If during the tenancy or any extension the tenant buys or uses a pool on the premises that requires pool fencing, the tenant agrees and acknowledges it is the responsibility of the owner of the pool to ensure the pool is fenced in compliance with pool fencing standards.

Pool Safety Laws apply to any portable pool or spa that can hold more than 300mm of water, has a volume of more than 2000L or has a filtration system.

Reference: Department of Housing and Public Works – Pool Safety


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