Rent Payments

Paying Your Rent

We ask that you only pay your rent as agreed on your tenancy agreement. Unless specifically requested, we are unable to accept rent payments at our office, cash or otherwise.

Approved Payment Methods

We offer several methods of payment for rent as follows:

SimpleRent – direct debit and credit card payment methods.

Credit Card – via  (Convenience fees apply, see schedule below)

Cheque or Money Order

Recommended Payment Method
Unfortunately, the software technology we use (the leading software provider for real estate agents) can not automatically trace and allocate the source of payments via direct payment to a trust account, hence the reliance on most real estate agents including ourselves to use third-party providers.
To that end, we have partnered with SimpleRent as our preferred payment method as it offers the lowest fee schedule that we are aware of. SimpleRent offers direct debit payments through all the widely used payment services. Please note we accept no payment, commission or benefit from payment portals.
Importantly SimpleRent provides a unique BANKLINK reference code that correctly allocates your rent payment to your account every time, automatically. With other payment methods, we do have instances where a reference is not included with the payment. In these instances, your payment cannot be allocated to your rent payment account until we can confirm the source of funds received. This can take some time.
Useful Links:

Jeff Jones online payments portal

Convenience Fee Schedule

Calendar Monthly Payments

Should you be requested to pay by calendar month, it is important to understand that the term ‘calendar month’ does not refer to 4 weeks or 28 days. As each month has either 28, 30 or 31 days, then a calendar monthly amount is more than 4 weeks rent.

To calculate this properly and evenly, we use this simple calculation.

a)    Weekly Rent divided by 7 days = Daily Rent

b)    Daily Rent x 365 days = Yearly Rent

c)    Yearly divided by 12 months = Calendar Monthly Rent

This calculates 12 equal calendar monthly payments, which will be due on the same date each month (i.e. the 1st of each month); instead of the same day (i.e. every second Friday) as is the case with fortnightly payments. Please note that a calendar month payment is approximately 4.33 of a week’s rent.

Late Rent Payments

If you believe you may be late with a rent payment, you must notify us at least 3 working days beforehand so we can inform the landlord to prepare and make other arrangements.