Repairs & Maintenance

Maintenance Troubleshooting

Please refer to our maintenance troubleshooting tips to solve common maintenance issues.


Routine Repairs

You can lodge repair requests by completing an online Maintenance Request.

TIP: Uploading videos and/or photos will FastTrack your repair request.

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<i class = “fas exclamation-triangle”></i> Emergency Repairs

You must notify us or the owner of the need for an emergency repair. In an emergency the nominated repairer stated on your tenancy agreement can be contacted directly if the property manager or owner is unavailable.

If the property manager, owner or the nominated repairer cannot be contacted, the tenant can arrange a suitably qualified person to carry out the repair. Our after hours contacts page lists qualified tradespeople however you should refer to the tenancy agreement in the first instance to determine the nominated repairers for your tenancy.

The tenant can pay the repairer themselves and forward all receipts for payment within 7 days. If the tenant pays for emergency repairs the cost must not exceed the value of 2 weeks rent.

What Are Emergency Repairs

Emergency items are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

  • Water pipes have broken or burst
  • Blocked or broken toilet (if a second toilet is not available)
  • Serious roof leak or gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire, etc.
  • Flooding, rainwater inundation inside the property, or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm, fire or impact damage (i.e. impact by a motor vehicle)
  • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • Failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the premises for hot water, cooking or heating
  • Hot water service failure on a weekend, or long weekend (this would not be considered an after hours emergency if this occurs on a week night)
  • Fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure
  • Fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or extreme inconvenience
  • A serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area or premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using, the property

All other repairs are considered to be routine repairs.

When A Tenant May Be Required To Pay For Repairs

There are some situations that may lead to the tenant be required to pay for repairs.

  • If you or your guest damages the property, you may have to pay for the repairs
  • If repairs are required because of a negligent act by you or your guest
  • If you have a repair that is performed after hours and it is not deemed to be an emergency