This guide has been prepared to be read in conjunction with our Tradespersons handbook and covers specific items relating to speciality trade work.

1 Appointment & Payment

1.1 We minimise quote requests and encourage tenants to work directly with Jeff Jones recommended suppliers. As a recommended supplier you guarantee to meet our service standard and to remedy any issues.

1.2 Liaise directly with tenants to discuss vacate cleaning requirements and payment.

1.3 Payment for vacate cleaning arranged by the tenant is unable to be paid from the bond.

1.4 Vacate cleaning requested by Jeff Jones will be via a work order in the OurTradie system.

2 Standard of Work & Timeframes

2.1 Our Cleaning Checklist is used as a guide for vacate cleaning standards. This checklist and the Entry Condition Report are referenced to determine the condition of the property is satisfactory.

2.2 Please provide a detailed report including photos for any items that are unable to be cleaned (e.g. damaged items).

2.3 Cleaning work is to be completed by the tenants lease end date. If for any reason work cannot be completed by this date advise us as soon as possible. We are often working on tight tenancy turnaround times.

3 Recall Work

3.1 Recall work is required to be attended to by the end of the next business day.

3.2 If you disagree with our assessment of the work completed please discuss this with us. We welcome your professional input and are open to changes to our cleaning guidelines. We encourage a constructive, collaborative approach from both parties.

4 Damage

4.1 Any existing property damage should be recorded to Jeff Jones as soon as possible. Please provide photos. We will reference the Entry Condition and Routine Inspection Reports.