1. Purpose

This handbook forms an important part of the relationship between Jeff Jones and our contractors. It aims to enable both parties to work together effectively.

The handbook sets out what levels of service we promise to our clients (property owners) and the support required to deliver the level of service. These standards are what we have built our business on for over 4 decades.

2. Responsibilities

Our Commitment To You

  • We will work with you to create a mutually beneficial relationship
  • We will not take advantage of our relationship by asking you to undertake unnecessary quotations
  • To ensure payments are processed promptly, twice monthly and will advise in advance when a delay in payment is expected
  • To encourage referrals to your business through our network of clients and customers

Your Commitment To Us

  • To follow the guidelines set out in this handbook and other guides
  • To expedite the process by prioritising work, proactively contacting tenants and invoicing promptly
  • To keep us up to date on your schedule including upcoming leave so we can assign work appropriately
3 Prior To Your Appointment

3.1 Our business has been built on our commitment to providing quality service to our property owners and tenants. A part of that commitment is to ensure that we only engage tradespeople who are fully licensed for their trade, fully insured and who comply with all current relevant Work Safety regulations. To become an approved tradesperson you must register an account with MaintenanceManager

3.2 Whilst you are engaged by our company we expect you to wear appropriate trade clothing and foot wear. While working relevant warning signs / flags must be used where required. This is to create and operate in a safe work environment for yourself and our tenants while performing duties in their homes.

3.3 We are unable to supply work to contractors whose licences are out of date in the MaintenanceManager system .

4 Work order

4.1 Our work order is our authority for you to commence work at a property under our management, this in accordance with our signed agreement with the owner.

The work order will outline:

  • The date the work order was initiated / supplied to you
  • The owner’s name for tax invoice purposes only
  • The work order number for reference
  • The property address
  • The tenant’s name & contact details
  • A spend limit imposed by the owner (if any)

4.2 All work orders will be sent to you via our web based system – MaintenanceManager. You will receive email notifications and be able to log into the system for extra information and to send entry notices to tenants as well as submit quotes and invoices. MaintenanceManager will invoice tradespeople for the use of the system. it is expected this cost will be passed on to the client, however this charge must not be itemised on the invoice

4.3 Work orders are to be accepted within 3 hours

5 Contacting Tenants And Access

5.1 A requirement of The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 ensures that the tenant has peaceful enjoyment of the property. This extends to never gaining access to the property without the tenant’s consent. We prefer direct tenant and trades person arrangements and not to provide spare keys from our office.

5.2 Please ensure that you contact the tenant(s) within 24 hours of receipt of the work. If the work is urgent, we expect you to contact the tenant immediately.

5.3 When making contact with tenants you must identify yourself and your company name. You must also confirm that you are an approved trades person for our company and that we have contracted you to carry out the

5.4 After contacting the tenant(s) and confirming a time please update the MaintenanceManager system with the date and time to ensure the entry notice is issued and Jeff Jones are aware of the booking.

5.5 If you are running late or need to reschedule an appointment, the tenant must be contacted immediately

5.6 Only when the tenant gives permission for you to gain entry to their home with our office spare key, can you sign the keys out from our office.

5.7 Only if the tenant is not contactable after three calls over a 48 hour period, can an RTA Form 9 (Entry Notice) be issued. This form must outline the date and time of requested entry. This can be generated and automatically sent through the MaintenanceManager system.

5.8 Keys must be returned by the end of each day.

5.9 It is extremely important that you leave the property the way you found it. Take note of the locks that the tenant had locked when you entered the property and ensure the same locks are secured when you leave. If you need to move any of the tenants belongings, always request their permission and treat their items with care and respect.

6 Authority Limit

6.1 If work is likely to exceed the authorised spend limit, all works must be confirmed before proceeding. Any works over the agreed repair limit will not be guaranteed for payment unless authorised prior.

7 Unexpected Work

7.1 Only complete the specifically work requested on the work order. If the tenant requests additional work be done, please inform us and advise the tenant to report the issue to Jeff Jones in writing. Approval from our office must be obtained first before unexpected works are undertaken.

8 Bond Claim Work

8.1 From time to time requested work may require a claim on monies held in bond.

8.2 We will advise you, in advance, on the work order when the work is a bond claim.

9 Standard Of Work And Materials Used & Guarantee

9.1 As an approved tradesperson of our business, you are a representative of our company. As such, we require you to undertake all work to the highest level of quality. We do not expect to have to follow you up for work that needs to be re-done as a result of poor workmanship. If for any reason you need to return to a property, you do so promptly and rectify the matter to the satisfaction of our clients.

9.2 Please note that our clients often inspect work undertaken by our tradespersons. Therefore, if work is completed to a high standard our clients could refer you to other investors, and often request you directly. We are pleased to offer referrals to you based upon the quality of your workmanship.

9.3 We expect implementation of best practices and quality materials. All must meet the Australian building code standards and must be in keeping with the style of the property.

10 Tax Invoicing

10.1 Your tax invoice mus be submitted through the MaintenanceManager system once the work is fully completed, unless agreed otherwise with Jeff Jones.

  • Tax invoices are to be uploaded to the MaintenanceManager system within 24 hours of completion
  • We require you to upload photographs you have taken at the start, during and completion of the work to expedite payment authorisation
  • Our goal is to receive a tax invoice within 7 days of initiating a work order
  • We require one tax invoice per property job order that we send you. We cannot accept multiple jobs for different properties on one invoice.
11 Invoice Payments

11.1 Our clients funds are held in a trust account. Please be aware that by law we require written authorisation from our clients to pay invoices. Clients can approve quotes and invoices in the MaintenanceManager system.

11.2 Our invoice pay cycle is twice per month (1st business day of the month and 15th of each month or the next business day) and via electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account.

11.3 If our client has insufficient funds in trust to pay your invoice we will ask them to deposit funds in advance to ensure that you are paid on time. If funds in trust will not cover the full amount owing we will endeavour to make a “part payment” and advise you accordingly. 

11.4 After each end of month disbursement please provide a statement to us detailing any outstanding invoices to enable us to reconcile these amounts promptly on your behalf.

12 Quotations

12.1 We will not take advantage of our relationship with you by asking you to undertake unnecessary quotations.

12.2 Quote requests will be issued to you via the MaintenanceManager system. We will outline the nature of the work and any price constraints that have been imposed by our client and any other instructions such as access arrangements.

12.3 We do expect your quotation to be detailed, including the full nature of the proposed work and the expected time frame for completion. Supported by photographs, showing the current state of repair and examples of products/materials to be used are expected to be included in your quotation. The maximum time frame for quotes to be submitted is 5 days from the time of request unless otherwise arranged by Jeff Jones.